“ETHNOS helps international companies enter the UK market and UK companies to take their products and services to international markets”

International Research

Developing products
for international markets

For UK-based companies, the cost of developing and testing products in international markets can be very high. The UK, with its diverse populations, allows for products to be tested on consumers here before transporting the product to market.

This was the case with a UK-based drinks company that wished to develop a new product for the Nigerian market. ETHNOS was asked to test a range of new flavours and packaging in the UK. To ensure that the tastes of Nigerians in the UK matched those of consumers in Nigeria, the product was tested on Nigerians who had been in the UK for less than six months. Through careful testing and re-testing, a new drink was developed, together with the packaging. The product was once more tested in-market before launch.

Helping companies enter the UK market

Rebtel is the world’s second largest VoIP company after Skype. Rebtel wished to understand the UK market before conducting a campaign to raise awareness about its service.

ETHNOS conducted qualitative and quantitative research with ethnic consumers who made regular international calls from their mobile phones.

The research identified the consumers’ requirements of mobile service providers, their awareness and knowledge of Rebtel, and their likely use of the company's service.

The research identified West Africans as most likely to use Rebtel’s service. A major campaign was launched resulting in a 200% increase in sales.

Research across territories

ETHNOS has developed an extensive network of partners in key territories. This means that we have a truly international research capability.

A multinational telecoms company wished to introduce a new product into the US and UK markets. The product targeted ethnic minority populations in the two countries. ETHNOS was charged with assessing interest in the product, sizing the potential market and identifying competitors.

Face-to-face, telephone and online interviews were conducted with seven different ethnic communities across both the US and the UK.

The results identified the overall size of the market, as well as demand for the product. The findings were key to the development of their strategy in the two countries.