“The profile of the ethnic minority population is changing fast. Yet few organisations either foster cultures that attract, retain and develop the most talented members of ethnic minority groups, or take full advantage of the potential market they constitute. Products and services targeted at the general population often fail to reach people from ethnic minority backgrounds, resulting in loss of profitable markets and in various forms of exclusion.”

About US

ETHNOS works with organisations, to help them develop their products, services and communications strategies, to better reach ethnic minority communities. Through systematic research, guided by in-depth knowledge of the ethnic minority populations, ETHNOS aims to:

  • Help companies achieve commercial success by enabling them to tap into the largely unexplored ethnic market, to create a fair and diverse working environment and to gain recognition as good corporate citizens.
  • Support public organisations so that they are able to provide and deliver services that meet the needs of ethnic minority populations.
  • Increase opportunities for ethnic minority people to fully participate in, and contribute to, the economic, political and cultural life of Britain.

We believe everyone reaps the benefits of greater social cohesion and healthier economic life, based on the full appreciation of diversity.

“ ETHNOS are true experts in their field. ”


“ ETHNOS were invaluable to us in getting the product, packaging and communication right. ”


“ The work ETHNOS did for us exceeded our expectations. ”


“ We are delighted with the quality of work ETHNOS produces ”

Meningitis Trust

“ The consultation process ETHNOS designed for our EQIA is justly regarded as ‘best practice’. ”

Greater London Authority