“ETHNOS supports public and private organisations in devising strategies, products and communications that meet the needs of Britain’s diverse communities”

How we help?

Through systematic research, guided by in-depth knowledge of diverse communities, ETHNOS has:

  • Helped some of the largest private sector companies achieve commercial success, by enabling them to tap into the largely unexplored ethnic market.
  • Worked with government departments, local authorities and national charities to provide and deliver services that meet the needs of ethnic minority communities.

Our expertise and experience help to:

  • Understand when, where, why and in what ways ethnicity is relevant.
  • Define target audiences, based on knowledge of how ethnicity interacts with gender, generation, religion and lifestyle.
  • Establish trust, gain access to communities, secure participation in research and generate high-quality, valid data.
  • Ensure sound interpretation and provide practical recommendations.

“We can leverage our extensive community networks for research purposes and successfully engage people from various backgrounds and with different levels of need. We design research and sampling procedures that reflect the specific attributes of each community. Our research techniques conform to the cultural values and modes of communication of the communities investigated. Our analyses and interpretations are grounded in sound research practice.”

“Whether interested in commercial, or social marketing, ETHNOS can help develop sophisticated segmentation of the ethnic market, understand the “drivers” of perceptions and behaviour and devise effective messages and communication strategies.”

We design each research strategy to suit the specific requirements of our clients. Our projects include small-scale, in-depth qualitative approaches, “toe in the water” exploratory online research, as well as large-scale surveys that are statistically representative of the UK’s ethnic minority populations. We seek not only to describe but also to explain.


  • Focus groups
  • Depth interviews
  • Ethnography
  • Hall testing
  • Online communities
  • Meet the consumer


  • Face-to-face surveys
  • Unique online panel
  • Bespoke research panels

Creative reporting:

  • Infographics
  • Video reports
  • Voxpops
  • Interactive dashboards

Quality Assurance

ETHNOS is an MRS Company Partner and adheres to the MRS Code of Conduct. We are registered with the Data protection Agency. ETHNOS staff are members of the British Psychological Society and the Royal Statistical Society.