Our Clients

“For many people, ethnicity is an unfamiliar territory, often seen as complex and hard-to-reach. We provide clients with an understanding of this market. With over 14 years of experience, we know when inclusive, mainstream approaches suffice and when there is a need for targeted or tailored approaches.”

Walkers, Development

Walkers wished to understand Asian consumers crisp and savoury snacks consumption behaviour together with views about flavour extension and new product development.

Our approach:

A two phased, qualitative approach was applied.

Phase 1 established:

  • Savoury snack consumption behaviour
  • Brand recognition and trust
  • Need for a new flavoured crisp

Phase 2 established:

  • A strong desire amongst Asian consumers for a new chilli and lemon flavoured crisp
  • Package design for the new crisp
  • Marketing and communication channels and strategy


A new chilli and lemon flavoured crisp was launched. The word New and “Naya” meaning new in Hindi were placed on the package. This demonstrated to Asian consumers that the crisp was for them as well as ensuring general consumers were aware it was a new product.


“ETHNOS provided us with a great opportunity to innovate with a flavour that specifically targeted the UK's South Asian population. We are so glad that we enrolled the help of ETHNOS because, not only did they bring the promised expertise/knowledge around the target via well executed research, but their enthusiasm and prior experience led to recommendations that were invaluable to us in getting the product, packaging and communication right.”

Helen Passard, Consumer Insight Manager