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“For many people, ethnicity is an unfamiliar territory, often seen as complex and hard-to-reach. We provide clients with an understanding of this market. With over 14 years of experience, we know when inclusive, mainstream approaches suffice and when there is a need for targeted or tailored approaches.”

What is “Britishness”?

The Commission for Racial Equality (now part of the Equality and Human Rights Commission) wanted to understand the ways in which British people, of different ethnic backgrounds and living in England, Scotland and Wales, think about “Britishness”. Specifically, they wanted to:

  • Obtain a detailed understanding of the process of integration.
  • Investigate “Britishness”, and bring society closer to answering the question, “What is Britishness?”
  • Explore whether and how “Britishness” plays a role in integration.
  • Stimulate debate about “Britishness”.

Our approach:

Using a combination of focus groups, word associations and sentence-completion exercises, ETHNOS interviewed 96 people from various different ethnic backgrounds, all of whom were British citizens. The sample was equally split between England, Scotland and Wales.


The final report was published and used as the basis for a national discussion about “Britishness”.