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“For many people, ethnicity is an unfamiliar territory, often seen as complex and hard-to-reach. We provide clients with an understanding of this market. With over 14 years of experience, we know when inclusive, mainstream approaches suffice and when there is a need for targeted or tailored approaches.”

Countryside Agency, Consumer Insights

Why don't ethnic minorities visit the countryside?

This was a question posed by the Countryside Agency. Specifically, they wished to understand:

  • How different groups conceive of the countryside
  • How this impacts on their use of the countryside
  • What needs to be done to diversify use of the countryside

Escorted visits were arranged with Black and Asian families who had never been to the countryside. This involved interviewing the families at home, then taking them to the countryside, where observations and interviews were conducted to gather insights into their experience.

Combining escorted visits and individual interviews and focus groups, with users and non-users of the countryside, the research identified similarities and differences across the groups:

  • Representation of the countryside
  • Perceptions of the benefits of countryside use
  • Barriers preventing use of the countryside

Strategic recommendations to diversify use of the countryside were made, based on the findings. The report was published, entitled "What about us?" and distributed to countryside practitioners.


“ETHNOS has contributed very positively to our Diversity Review and helped improve the capacity of practitioners to attract and work with a more diverse profile of visitors.”

Jacqui Stearn, Diversity Review Programme Manager

Countryside Agency