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“For many people, ethnicity is an unfamiliar territory, often seen as complex and hard-to-reach. We provide clients with an understanding of this market. With over 14 years of experience, we know when inclusive, mainstream approaches suffice and when there is a need for targeted or tailored approaches.”

Awareness of Breast Cancer amongst British Asian Women

Breast cancer is the UK's most common cancer and its incidence is increasing. The rates of breast cancer are rising particularly quickly among South Asian women. Against this background, Breast Cancer Care asked ETHNOS to:

  • Research older South Asian women's knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about breast health, breast cancer, breast screening and breast cancer treatment.
  • Assess the effectiveness of current resources in communicating information on breast health to South Asian women.
  • Identify breast health education messages that are culturally relevant and appropriate.
  • Determine the most appropriate means of communicating information about breast health to South Asian women.

Our approach:

ETHNOS ran focus groups with South Asian women in Urdu, Punjabi and Sylheti. Asian female moderators conducted all groups.


Recommendations in relation to key research aims were included in a wider corporate strategy, to improve all Breast Cancer Care services for ethnic minority people.