Our Clients

“For many people, ethnicity is an unfamiliar territory, often seen as complex and hard-to-reach. We provide clients with an understanding of this market. With over 14 years of experience, we know when inclusive, mainstream approaches suffice and when there is a need for targeted or tailored approaches.”

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia (APPG)

The APPG, made up of MPs and Lords, conducted an inquiry into the experience of people with dementia from ethnic minority communities. ETHNOS was tasked with gathering evidence on:

  • How ethnic minority individuals and families experience living with dementia
  • What service might they be wanting
  • What are the best ways of reaching people
  • What are the challenges in providing services and how can these be overcome
  • What organisations are best placed to lead the work

ETHNOS conducted interviews with families of people experiencing dementia, as well as dementia sufferers themselves. The research identified:

  • The lack of awareness about dementia amongst many ethnic
  • The myths and misconceptions about dementia
  • The social isolation experienced by dementia suffers and their families
  • The importance of culturally relevant services

Evidence was presented at the House of Lords and formed part of the APPG publication “Dementia Does Not Discriminate: The Experience of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Communities.”


“We were very impressed with ETHNOS’ knowledge and experience, which enabled them to effectively gather the information needed to better understand the knowledge, attitudes and needs of BAME elders and their families.”

Samantha Sharp, Senior Policy Advisor,

Alzheimer’s Society Secretariat to the APPG